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2017 Prawn & Halibut Proposal to Lease Forms

Please see attached the 2017 Prawn and Halibut postings. 

Commercial Halibut License (Hook & Line)

Commercial Prawn by Trap



MDTC Fisheries Committees

In February, 2015, our Fisheries Department visited Kingcome and Gilford villages to connect with community members and to create Fisheries Committees in each community. The purpose and commitment of these committees are:

  • To respresent the views and opintions of the community to advise the Fisheries Manager and MDTC staff in all aspects of the fisheries program, including changes that require community implementation and approval.
  • To represent the views and opinions of the community regarding fisheries to inform the MDTC board
  • To meet a minimum of once a month & commit to a two year term

The Kingcome Fisheries Committee Members are:

  • Terrance Willie
  • Helen Willie
  • Melissa Willie
  • Lindsey Willie
  • Midori Nicolson

The Gilford Fisheries Committee Members are:

  • Sandy Johnson
  • Wesley Glaser
  • Lucy St. Germaine
  • Alfred Coon
  • 1 vacant seat


Community Fisheries Coordinators

  • Melissa Willie (Dzawada'enuxw)
  • Sandy Johnson (Kwikwasut'inuxw Haxwa'mis)
  • Bernie Bunnie (Gwawaenuk)