The Kwikwasut'inuxw Haxwa’mis First Nation (KHFN) includes approximately 300 members occupying a territory along British Columbia’s central coast.

The land base has been confined to 13 reserve sites, a land area of 594.5 km2. The main reserve, Gwa-yas-dums Village, is located on Gilford Island, BC, northeast of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.Traditionally they have occupied an area that includes all of Gilford Island and extends from Tribune Channel into Bond and Thompson Sound to the northeast, and to Wakeman Sound in the north as shown in the map to the right. KHFN have never ceded, surrendered or abandoned the rights to their traditional territory and their aboriginal rights to this territory have not been extinguished.

The KHFN is comprised of 2 nations as the Haxwa’mis (Wakeman Sound) were amalgamated in the last century. While there is no one living in Wakeman Sound right now, the plan is to repopulate that village site. Right now the KHFN is focussing on rebuilding their village with massive capital projects in housing and infrastructure have taken place in the last few years. A whole new subdivision in the village has been created up the hill.

The KHFN has signed a Forest Range Agreement with the province and as well is working on co-management of the conservancies in the traditional territory.

In 2005, KHFN launched the Comprehensive Planning Process (which won a National Planning Award with Ecoplan International) which prioritized a 25 year action plan. Eight key objectives are organized into nine main categories of actions. These include: Government & Administration, Health & Healing, Education & Training, Cultural Protection & Learning, Gwa-yas-dums Facilities & Infrastructure, Territorial Resources and Gwa-yas-dums Tourism. These initiatives include policy and governance tools, planning and feasibility studies, capital projects, promotional tools and community initiatives, new programs, training and capacity, and more.

KHFN Vision

The foundation of KHFN’s CCP is the long term vision the members have for their great Nations. Their vision for the Kwikwasutinxw Haxwa’mis Tribes is to build on the health and wellness of the people, communities, lands and resources for future generations. The unified members and communities of Gwa-yas-dums Village and Wakeman Sound work together to promote territorial sovereignty and community self-government by ensuring our culture, rights and values are respected and practiced throughout the traditional territory.

KHFN Website

The KHFN runs on an elected system 
with current council as follows:

Elected Chief: Rick Johnson   250-974-8282
Key Contacts: Jeneen Elliot, Band Manager   250-974-3004
Gilford Island Administration Office   250-974-3001